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Blended emotions in dried up ocean of passion at heart,
Torn out and scattered, frozen along the pathways of love,
Crafted a dishonesty by destiny, a broken toy in your hands,
Deserted in total as I lay on the streets of ambitions unlimited.
My eyes, tearful, washed away with delights of your smiles,
Like the dew-kissed misty dawn blossomed on lovely face,
Much quivering in love thrills like sounding strings of the lute,
Are you wandering lonely along the shores of my life?
I will rejoice In the peace of my newly felt sensitivity
To humanity that surrounds me and my ability to grasp
new concepts of life that now do not exclude me from life
I am becoming a saint who walks and breathes; who understands
Life is meaningless complexities that once disastrously decimated society.

Williamsji Maveli

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