Is obesity to blame for men's falling sperm counts

poor motility-low semen volume ? Ayurveda View :

Obese men who wish to grow their family are not able to do so due to low sperm count and reduced motility. Various research have thrown light on the fact that obese men are at a great chance of encountering low quality and quantity of semen.

The main probable causes are listed below.

1. #Obesity is a condition in which the quantity of body fat exceeds normal limit. This leads to weight gain. Increased fat cells cause imbalance in hormones and affect fertility of men.
Increased fat cells reduce the level of male hormone testosterone and increase the level of estrogen (a female hormone).
2. cells also produce another hormone leptin which damages sperm cells and tissues which produce sperms.
Increased fat cells in testicles cause an insulating effect and increase the temperature inside the testicles. Overheated testicles kill the sperm cells.
3. Poor heart function and increased cholesterol which are consequences of obesity, also contribute to low sperm count.
Obesity leads to erectile dysfunction which is another cause for male infertility.
#Ayurveda view about #obesityandlowspermcount:

According to principles of ayurveda Medha dhatu (body fat) and Shukra dhatu (semen) are two dhatus listed in sapta dhatus (seven important tissues of body). Both these tissues are made up of “jala” (water) and “Prithvi” (earth) elements. Both are influenced by Kapha Dosha. Vitiation of kapha, jala and prithvi leads to accumulation of fat and imbalance in production of semen. Increased body fat or medha dhatu prevents nutrients to pass on to its successive tissues namely asthi (bone), majja (bone marrow) and shukra (semen). Thus imbalanced doshas, elements and nourishment leads to infertility and impotence in men.

Ayurvedic treatment methods to reduce body #weight and increase #sperm #count:

The cause has to be addressed first. Avoid foods which increase Kapha dosha. Sweets, fats, refined and processed foods, fast foods etc vitiate kapha dosha. Exercise well to balance all vitiated factors. Eat foods which are lite to digest and increase metabolism. Avoid sleeping at day time. Increase physical activity. Consume herbs which act as fat fighters and sperm boosters.
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