New Opening for Grass Root Corruption

Corruption is an international byword now. There are so many kinds of it engulfing the entire world. Here is a new scam nobody knows of, none talks about, hence not a soul does anything about it.

I was also completely unaware.
The Indian P.M Narendra Modi is credited with the introduction of Jan Dahn Yojona in which a most ordinary person is allowed to open a zero balance bank account. In earlier days it was unimaginable for a poor person to do so. As of now about 300 millions of such accounts are opened now throughout the country.
Inspired by the project I began urging my part-time maid to open an account as soon as possible. Initially, she insisted on my accompanying her, which I declined. After a few days, she was glad to find one of her acquaintance, who works in the nearby bank to help her in the job.
She was asked to carry 'Aadhar Card' and Rs 500/- to open an account. At the bank, she was told to shell out another 150/- rupees as an application fee. The banks don't need any such application fee. Still, I thought it was okay as a minor incentive for her helper. But he demanded another 500/- rupees to deliver the passbook to her. Despite my strong advice against paying, she paid him because other slum dwellers said, "Everybody pays and you have to pay too".
So, it has become a norm.
Next, I asked what her friend does in the bank. "He cleans the desks, mops the floor", she said.
Now you can imagine what level the corruption has come down to. Even a sweeper can demand a bribe. And the poorest of the poor people can't escape paying it though she doesn't earn Rs 500.00  in a day
The Jan Dhan Project opened up corruption at grass root level.

More By  :  Nalinaksha Mutsuddi

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