PCOS patient loses 9 Kg and regulates cycle

In 6 Months

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS or PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease), is a very common hormonal disorder in women.

# Here is List of some simple herbal decoctions, which if taken over a period of 2 to 3 months will definitely help:

1.Take Ashwagandha roots (Withania somnifera; entire about 150 grams), Arjun bark (Terminalia arjuna; about 70 grams) from a local herb shop. Divide both of these into 30 equal parts. Now boil 1 part every morning in 3 cups of water (approximately 150 ml) and reduce to 1 cup. Now filter this mixture and add 1 cup of cow's milk to it. Boil the mixture again over a low flame until milk remains. Add 2 cardamoms while boiling. Consume this milk early morning empty stomach. Little sugar can be added for taste. The remaining filtrate of Ashwagandha and Arjun can be used similarly in evening. During summer months, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus var. javanica) can be substituted for Ashwagandha.

2.After 30 days or 35 days if the periods do not commence have the following mixture for 3 days, 10 grams Nagkeshar (Mesua ferra flower stamens), 10 gms crystal sugar (Khadisakhar, Mishri) and 10 gms Cow's ghee (clarified butter from cow), it must be mixed and consumed with milk once a day. The above combination is for one day. If the periods do not commence even after this medicine, then do not worry. Keep taking the above medicine. Eventually they will come and with proper ovulation.

3.Castor Oil Pack : A Castor Oil Pack is a cloth soaked in castor oil which is placed on the skin to enhance circulation and promote healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin.When it comes to fertility Castor Oil packs could be a great, supportive and relaxing therapy .

The above simple remedy coupled with diet will definitely help and let you lead a normal menstrual life with kids and no infertility. In case you feel you need to evaluate this option more, try and consult a good Ayurveda physician. Having customized and specialized treatments will help you ....

More By  :  Dr. Vipul Sharma

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