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I am relaxed and satisfied having finally been able to launch the new platform of blogging on Boloji.  It is a great feeling as after having run the site for twelve long years, making individual static pages, now with the blogging feature some of my work load will reduce and I will be to devote more time on the enhancement of the website.  It also give me joy that the Select bloggers will gain freedom of posting their content at their own pace and convenience and see it come live instantly.  

By this note I welcome and encourage our long list of writers to become our select bloggers and enrich the content of our site with their varied experiences and expressions.

Thank you

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Comment  I was invited to send to send my first article to and I never experienced so much cordiality on the part of an Editor on an article. Each of the article I sent ,it got an instant assessment and it made me feel the trends of It is an impartial but as usual with the media a little anti-institutional in its focus on issues. I loved the approach. I feel inspired to write for the online portals but for it is a passion. Being so much attached to since 2007, I feel no hesitation in contributing my best one for Credit goes to Mr.Rajender Kishan Sir,... he is a friend , philosopher and guide to a  freelancer like me. I love boloji .com for its beautiful coverage of news and also for the editing. The analysis and the poetry section are the best.

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee
08/28/2012 07:31 AM

Comment Thank you so much sir for making such a wonderfull blog with such highly intelleutcal content,I was trying to figure out the meaning of Kabir's poetry but today your blog gave me a new idea of kabir,sir there is a small request,I remember few lines from a kabir's bhajan but i dont know the full bhajan,i was searching it on internet but was unable to get it,it was perfomred by Kumar Ghandrav,i used to listen it on AIR Radio as small id,there lines were like this "dhun sun ke manwa magan bhayo re" sir it will be very kind of you if u tell me about this bhajan
Thanks in advance

03/12/2012 16:57 PM

Comment it is great privilge for me to inform u that i m also reading to kabir since 10 years ......

i wish ti write a research article on bhaghati movment by relating mass media
if u can  assist me in this regard ......i will be thanful to u

ahmed ali memon
department of media studies

ahmed ali memon
12/18/2011 12:46 PM

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