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Longevity Mindset
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A tremendous study is going on in different parts of the world about how to increase longevity. The theories and findings are very wide-ranging and interesting too.  Could there be an important factor which can be called mindset? No study includes this element into consideration. Probably because it's not so easy to prove the fact.

We can learn a lot from the glorious example of only one case. A Frenchwoman named Jeanne Calment lived up to 122 years. How many times did you think yourself that you should not do this and that at this age? Or warned by your wellwishers and even by doctors? It will be quite many. That means we grow old in mind first. A colleague of mine in the Air Force found at the age of 22 only, too old to study for taking next exam for promotion. He was old at 22. And Calment learned how to fence at the age of 85, rode a bike at 100 and released a rap at 121 just one year before her death. 
This all proves that she never grew old mentally. I conclude without investing in a big-ticket research project it could be the major factor in aging. 

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