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As The Lord Desired It
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It was in the early nineteen seventies at Sundernagar, H.P.
I met Sister Eugenia waiting for a bus at the trijunction. She was a teacher in the newly opened convent school. I wished her and she smiled back and said heading for Chandigarh. 
In those days bus service in Himachal Pradesh was very poor -- the number of buses is few and the runs were uncertain due to very many reasons. It just happened that while I was returning after about two hours I saw her still waiting for a bus. No buses yet? -- I asked her.
She smiled again and replied 'as the Lord wanted it'. She was cool -- displaying no remorse, no despair, no anger, and no anguish.
What a grand quality! Entrust your miseries to any higher power you believe in and cooperate with the inevitable. That ensures you to live in peace under any circumstances. The incidence is pretty petty but the message is profound and far-reaching.

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