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Is It a Curse to be Born in America?
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Is it a curse to be born in America? So many young and able-bodied Americans are dying in various wars -- around the so-called peace-time world -- far away from their dear homeland. 58,148 died in Vietnam, 33,652 killed in the Korean war, 4,424 in Iraq and 1,659 in Afghanistan. And the number of wounded and permanently crippled ones are many times more. 

The latest news says Cpl. Joseph Maciel was killed in Afghanistan and two of his colleagues wounded severely. Maciel was an excellent soldier, dedicated to his mission, his Battalion Commander said. He was only 20.
They too had dreams of a happy and long life. How many more will die in the future war zones? In such tender ages? What are these wars meant for? Who benefits from such constant conflicts in the world? Whose mission it is they are so earnestly dedicated to?

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