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Living Life Artificial
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Am I leading an artificial life? Living in the civilized world means living a life far away from nature. It's a reality we cannot deny. And it's indispensable too -- there is no getaway.

Yet, we take it as natural and now in this type of seemingly natural world, I'm moving to another kind of artificiality.
When I underwent open-heart bypass surgery about four years ago I didn't have acute angina or chest pain. I had slight pain at the lower right side of the abdomen parallel to the navel region. And of course, felt uneasiness. Due to the feeling of uneasiness only, I reached hospital. At the hospital they conducted many tests and concluded I had about 14 blockages in my artery. In utter disbelief and some arguments with the doctor, I gave consent. Veins from the legs were harvested to detour the blocked areas.
Now about a fortnight ago I went to see a cardiologist, not for chest pain though, and she got me admitted and a series of tests followed: ECG, Echo-cardiography, Doppler, and Holter for over 24 hours. They all showed normalcy. The last test Angiography revealed a blockage again. So, a stent is inserted.
With all these artificial aids I'm still living. What an artificial life!
Thanks to technology and modern medicines.

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