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Happy Living
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Here's a checklist of roadblocks to happy living. Do any of them apply to you ?

1. Do you feel upset for what you 'should' have done?

2. Do you put up resistance to keep things as they are?

3. Do you react to life, rather than take action when problems come your way?

4. Do you believe you are a victim of life circumstances?

5. Do you hold to resentments for a long time?

6. Do you find yourself expecting the worst or worrying about bad things happening?

7. Do you let fear dominate your life?

8. Do you think more about 'what if' instead of 'what is'?

9. Do you feel unworthy inside?

10. Are you a perpetual pleaser?

11. Do you neglect yourself in favor of others?

12. Do you look for things outside yourself to make you happy?

13. Have you used holidays to run from your problems?

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