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Welcome Cuban Reform
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Welcome the Cuban president's decision to embrace reform by modifying law offering partial ownership of private property and market economy. It was overdue probably.

Marxism shouldn't be treated as a static dogma. It should continue to adapt to the changing need and evolve progressively indefinitely, keeping in view the welfare of the majority and reduction of exploitation and eliminating the disproportionate economic disparity. It's not desirable that a Jeff Bezos owns $150 billion where a daily wager struggles to pay food and amenities bill by earning only $8 per hour in the U.S. In the Asian and poor countries a majority don't earn even $5 per day.

Due to adaptive measures, China progressed phenomenally. It doesn't mean by emerging as a superpower one should turn out to be a bully. China should practice peaceful co-existence and abide by International law. She must shun aggressive expansionism.

For a faster economic growth, the poor countries need to follow a hybrid system of administration. Can the economists devise a suitable blend of the regulated economy and absolute freedom?

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