Urban Naxals


My friend and colleague sent this WhatsApp forward about Tamilnadu becoming a Naxal infested state and how many youths lose jobs because of it. Later in office when I told him the forward was nice and it gave a good glimpse of what's happening on ground,he asked me two pointed questions 1. 'What is  naxalism?'2. 'Who are Naxals'? I thought this makes a good business case for writing my view and so here it goes.For the comfort of understanding, let's stick to Naxalism within Indian borders. Naxalabari is a town in West Bengal where pesants took up arms against the state and tried to overthrow it.This was predominantly organised by CPI - ML ( Marxist Leninist).This event of 1967 became known as the Naxalbari uprising which gave rise to the Naxal movement that spread from West Bengal to other states. Politically CPIML merged into several other communist parties and became the CPI - Maoist that has been designated as a terrorist organisation and which has been running underground since then. A faction of the CPIML became mainstream and became the CPIM (Marxist) which now runs the Kerala Govt. The general feeler that any communist organisation gives is that it is for the common people and it protects the normal citizens from the iron clutches of the state and also that state is always anti people.So in short aim of Naxals is to break the backbone of any state.
Naxalism in 20th century
Naxalism spread from Bengal to its neighbours like Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh mostly in Central and East India.These are also the most backward parts of India and because of spread of Naxalism became known as the red corridor.As it happens with any terror organisations extortion and terrorising of fellow people whom they claimed they will protect became the norm. Due to this the interior areas of Chattisgarh such as Bastar, Dantewada, Sukma became so backward that there are not even mud roads in many places. When there is no proper infrastructure on some areas vs other areas of India, public get dejected and think Govt gives a step motherly treatment and this helps in Naxal orgs brainwashing them further.Its a vicious cycle used for terror recruitment.
Urban Naxals
Welcome to the modern era of Naxalvaad.Before getting into the details, I urge all readers to answer what they think is the string that holds together India.If your answer is anything other than 'Hindusim' or 'Hindu culture', then I suggest you take a break, do some research and come back when you are convinced it is Hinduism. Naxalism always tries to break the backbone of every country so that people are in agitation mode all the time and finally turn anti state.In the red corridor, kidnappings, extortion, poor infrastructure coupled with inferior living has made people lose faith in the state and join these naxal orgs as they see it as the only genuine party fightin the injustice meted out to them.While the actual gun toting naxalites live in jungle, their urban counter parts live in cities masquerading as intellectuals, many of them even teaching our students.It is a sad truth that Communitlsts have infiltrated our universities and their diktat is supreme there.JNU and Jadavpur University are classical examples.In JNU, under the garb of freedom of expression, they celebrated Mahishasura day and called Maa Durga a prostitute. Why did they do it?  Hindus should always feel inferior about their Gods and culture.The more you do, Hindus become confused and the backbone of this country which is Hinduism is broken.This is what Urban Naxals do.They write articles which will confuse the normal Hindus and make them believe their culture is not great.Cracker Ban for Diwali, No water Holi, Height restriction on Human Pyramid during Dahi Handi, Jallikattu ban are all part of this pattern of attacking Hindu festivals and making Hindus feel ashamed of their tradition.PETA filed a case against Jallikattu arguing it is ill-treatment of animals.TN erupted in anger, but true to TNs antecedents, political parties and normal public to an extent did not want to be identifying themselves with a Hindu cause and so called it a Tamil sentiment.Trying to call Pongal as a Tamil festival and not a Hindu festival will not help as I have never seen Christians and Muslims of TN celebrate it. So Jallikatti is a Hindu sentiment of Tamilians and NOT a Tamil sentiment as claimed by Periyarists.Naxal orgs which fund likes of PETA to disrupt Hindu traditions changed their game plan when they saw an agitation brewing against the ban.Thanks to the prolonged separatist sentiments sowed by Kazhagams, Naxals portrayed the agitation as against Central Govt and caused mayhem. Look at the irony of these Tamil poraalis, they support Jallikattu, but when it comes to elections, they stood behind the Congress candidate Sowmya Reddy who was the brain behind the Jallikattu ban only to make sure BJP should lose the bypoll that was held in Jayanagar.And many of us here think BJP is anti Tamil and they should be blocked at all cost.Just like Naxals trying to break the nation, two other groups that wants to break India are the Church and Jihadis.So there is a well formed Chrislamo Naxal nexus working in TN.This was seen in the recent anti Sterlite protests which was fully supported by the Coastal church and before in the anti Koodankulam protests. The Jihadi link was evident when Sebastian Simon ( Seeman) called JKLF chairman Yasin Malik who admitted in live TV to have killed more than 20 Kashmiri Pandits to address one of his events in Cuddalore.Urban Naxalism exists in places where we seldom doubt.Only a united Hindu awakening can stop it !

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