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Islamic Terrorism
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In my view, Islamic terrorism can never be eradicated – as avowed by many most powerful world leaders of today. Here is why I think so. It's based on faith. I intend to draw a line between faith and ideology. Faith grows from within the heart and firm belief, intellect is not potent here; whereas the ideology is based on logic and intellect. It grows from outside, faith sprouts from inside. Ideology is an implant; faith is an ingrowth, though the source remains external.

Faith is the most powerful weapon they have. Armed with the faith they can sacrifice anything including their own life – it's in a way invincible, and indestructible In fact, it's not a sacrifice either it's the price they pay for the entry to the paradise of eternal pleasure and happiness. Even if IS wins the specter of terrorism will remain simply because the differences of the true interpretation of Islam can never be resolved.

If you can extinguish the source of faith and the allurement of paradise then only Islamic terrorism will be wiped out, which will remain an impossible task for all time to come

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