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Institution is always formed by individuals. It is the strength of each individual that contributes to the cumulative strength of the Institution. Institution without devoted individual loses its significance if every individual doesn’t work towards the goal of the institution.

It is the attitude of each individual of the institution that matters in the purposeful survival.  The machine which functions using ball bearings would cease to work if even one ball crashes.  Unless there is a mechanism to maintain each bearing and thus the individual balls the machine is sure to fail at some point or the other.

Luckily in the case of balls in a ball bearing they don’t have individual differences and if one ball fails one can then the replace the whole bearing and save the machine.

Institutions are dependent totally on individuals whose performance is always based on their attitude(s). The institution must provide for the maintenance and provide for the course correction of the individual attitudes.

The basic attitude should be loyalty and devotion to the assignment given to an individual and to the institution at large.
Lord  Anjaneya set an example to every individual in this Institution of the Almighty that everyone take up the given task for its complete fulfilment in all respects and not limited to the task given. One should understand the spirit of the assignment but not just the word conveying the assignment.

Lord Rama assigned the task of finding Sita Devi and giving that information as feedback to him.  A devoted employee takes the attitude of not only fulfilling the task as assigned but also do the associated acts to help accomplish the main task or help the goal of the institution.

Lord Anjaneya assessed the strength of the enemy and showed him his strength to create fear in Ravanawhich is more helpful for Rama’s goal.

A successful and devoted worker wouldn’t be distracted by the non-workers’ but induces confidence and loyalty in them too.

This is the most important lesson to be followed by all of us for the multi-faceted growth of the individuals and the country as a whole.

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