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Temples and the Constitution of India
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I wish to seek answers for the following questions that arise out of my ignorance of law. Experienced lawyers may kindly clarify.

Please help me get the answers or clarifications.

1. What authority was given to the Government on Temples? Does Constitution provide any rules on it?

2. Temples were never built by Government and are not declared as public places any time, even before Independence. Hindu temples were and are constructed with specific purpose(s). Some broad-minded devotees spent their money and got them constructed as per Hindu Sastras pertaining to Temple and it’s usefulness to the devotees at large for their well being physically, mentally and spiritually.

3. Devotees do get their wishes fulfilled and so they throng to the Temples.

In the past we hardly had any need for psychologists, psychiatrists, Santana Saaphalya Kendras. These professions stared picking up as people started looking at Temples as business Centers. Once the Government took over temples, they looked at them as continuously milking cows. Money making queues are introduced and improvised methods are sought to continuously increase the income for the Government. Temples are to perform as per the orders of the Executive officer who is ignorant of the significance of Temples, their structures, customs and religious practices as per the ancient science of Temples, the Aagama Sastras. Governments appointment the members of managing committee without any specific rules and regulations or eligibility restrictions. They are taken for reasons better known to themselves. How could Governments treat Temples as their Offices? Did our constitution provide such a facility? If it did, it should have been applied throughout the country uniformly. This is happening only in the Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalm speaking States. Are these the rules for South India?

4. Muslim Invasion on Hindu Temples was Recorded in Indian History. Muslims were against Hindu Culture as the Historians recorded and the same is taught in schools even today through text books of equal importance as other subjects. Hence it must be authentic. Then why is the Nation Fighting against the issue like collapse of Babri Masjid and not on the destruction of SriRama Temple?

5. When the Archeological escavations proved that there was a temple on felling which the Masjid was erected, why so much debate is going for days together spending public resources?

6. It is evident that a Temple existed before the Moghul invasion. Won’t that land disputed belong to the owners of the Temple? During that time there could have been no Title Deed Registered and made available in the Government Archives. Having watched a discussion between Dr. Subramanyam Swamy and OYC, on the YouTube these questions arose. How can there be any Title Deed either in the name of Babri or in the name of the then owners of the Temple? Would the land have been mutated to Babri as per the invasion terms and conditions? Are they getting back to Treta Yuga after Rama left the world, to search for these documents? Why are the Government encouraging such discussion endlessly on evident things? Most people are wasting their precious time getting involved emotionally because of the politicians and because the judgement is delayed by a few decades(?).

7. May God shower peace on all of us as he has reservations on showering rains!!

8. Let the law students get at the answers for these questions to enlighten laymen like me and bring peace amongst the endlessly fighting groups to allow people at large to live in peace. May God Bless you and all of us!

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