7 Truths About Being a Yoga Teacher

To many of us, it comes as no surprise that the science of yoga is the most natural healing method of uplifting the body, mind, and soul to the highest potential. And so, many of us naturally harbor the will to become a yoga instructor of the mystical yoga science by undergoing an excellent yoga teacher training program where we can delve into the metaphysics of yoga and spirituality at a wholesome level.

Being a yoga teacher is one of the noblest professions across the globe that gives us the power to heal the sufferings of many, to enlighten the minds of many yoga enthusiasts about this traditional science, and to lead all those who come in contact to a more healthy lifestyle. So, if you are sure to tread the path of yoga for
becoming a yoga instructor and for sharing the wonderful benefits of yoga with the community, be prepared to face these seven truths about being a yoga teacher.

Take a watchful glance at the pointers below:

1. Yoga Teacher Profession is Only For the Sincere Ones: Do you want to become a yoga teacher? Are you sure that it is your path? Before enrolling in a yoga teacher training course, ponder over these questions to be fully sure of your calling. The yoga programs are intensive training modules that stretch over a month or longer demanding utmost sincerity and dedication. Traveling to an unknown destination and spending time in the company of different nationalities and living a yogic lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only those devoted to the humanitarian science of yoga are able to complete this spiritual journey in the most idyllic manner. So, before you commit to the undertaking of being a yoga teacher, ensure you are fully ready for the expedition.

2. Be Prepared To Travel: As a yoga teacher, be prepared to travel. Yes, for many of you teaching in a definite place at a popular yoga studio may not be the scenario. You may have to travel to a number of places for spreading the light of yoga and you may have to approach a number of yoga schools across the globe as a yoga teacher to build your portfolio. Possibilities are, the concerned yoga schools and centers may want you to teach at their yoga teacher training destinations like yoga teacher in Rishikesh. As you travel around the world, expect an exposure to varying cultures and traditions of a particular place. As a yoga teacher, you can also go for one-to-one yoga classes to avoid the hustle-bustle of traveling.

3. Welcome a Life of Physical and Spiritual Devotion: Being a yoga teacher is not only about perfecting the multiple yoga asanas, but it is also about mental and spiritual devotion. Manifesting a true yogic personality and living a yogic life is an essential step towards instructing others on the same path. Your true persona will shine out to the students and that is what they will mirror. So, make a concentrated effort to put your best self forward.

4. It is Not Just a Career Option, It is a Journey:
A yoga teacher training is a beautiful journey of which evolving into a yoga teacher is the final step. It is a journey of physical, mental, and spiritual devotion that helps you to tap into your highest possibilities.

5. This Journey is a Failure without Self-Practice and Self-Reflection: Prioritize your personal practice. When you are traveling around teaching the students the art of yoga, taking classes of
yoga therapy in India, and enlightening yoga sessions, it is hard to make time for self-practice. Do yourself a favor and make time for self-care, self-practice, and self-reflection. Your practice inspires you to continue on this path with dedication, refinement, and innovation.

6.  If the Students are not Inquisitive then You need to Re-think your Session: Let’s face it, not everyone who comes to your class will leave it happy and satisfied. Some students will connect with your teaching style while others may dislike an assortment of things. Scenarios may be they never show up to your class. But, as a yoga teacher, you need to take criticism in a supporting way. Try to make your yoga classes more interactive, creative, and knowledgeable to be in. Introduce elements that make students inquisitive about your classes else it would be ‘just another class’ for them. 

7.  Money Needs to be the Least Priority:
In yoga teaching profession, money is the least priority. A yoga teacher is expected to serve the society a number of times in a selfless manner and without any monetary expectations. If you are teaching at a yoga school, studio, or center, you can expect financial benefits but then again, do not forget you are working for the welfare of the people.

If you are into a yoga teaching profession or aspiring to be a yoga teacher, hope this blog gives you an insight into the world of teaching yoga. It is not all sunshine but it is surely exceptionally fulfilling.

Bipin Baloni is a yoga instructor in rishikesh. His core specialization is in hatha and asthanga Yoga. He is a registered Yoga teacher who provides 200,300 and 500 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh, India.




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