Why are the Hindus guilty?

 It was lunch time in office. We were happily munching our food with our eyes glued to the TV in front. Yogi Adityanath's campaign speech was being shown. There were four of us, one muslim and 3  Hindus. Religious demography is just to  understand the psyche of Hindus and nothing  else.The muslim friend said Yogi is on a renaming spree. When another Hindu friend asked why, she was replied to that Allahabad is now Prayagraj. She again asked,but why the change. This time the reply was 'because Allahabad is a muslim name and that'why'.The Hindu friend seemed to be not happy with the name change and had the expression ' this is not important'.I said Prayagraj is the original name and the name has been changed to the original name only.

Discussion drifted to other topics and so on.
 I thought about this later in the day. We were three Hindus in the table and even then we were not able to conveniently defend the name change and also reply ' Mughals changing names of important cities' is an assault on Hindu culture.I have been to Allahabad with my parents and the city is still referred to as 'Prayagai' in Hindu circles. Who gave the permission to Akbar to change Prayag to Allahabad?I saw with my own eyes that the rear side of Gyanvapi mosque is all temple ruins.There are pictures available in the internet also.Is this not an assault on Hindu culture? The only explanation for that is Kashi Vishwanath temple being destroyed and the Gyanvapi mosque being constructed over the broken temple.And it still stands today mocking out impotency to reclaim it.There are several other ruins within the temple complex speaking of the multiple attrocities of Mughals over Hindus and their temples.It is clear that 'we are the victims of a 1000 year savage'. And yet we feel guilty when the name of a divine city is changed to the original name.Why Hindus? Why?

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