How Yoga Changes Your Body

Starting the Day You Begin

Yoga is the practice of mind, body and soul, and today the ancient practice is the symbol of good health and better living. The holistic art is renowned for its ability to de-stress the body, restore the health, maintain overall being and offer a wide-range of mental and spiritual health benefits that other forms fail to bestow. Even many scientific researchers have proven that yoga does have a potential effect on the body and caters to everyone’s need.

With daily and regular practice attain all the benefits of yogic science.  For a deeper learning traverse to the East to yoga’s roots and undergo yoga in Nepal, yoga teacher training in India or yoga retreat in Thailand

The course lets you acquire profound benefits and authentic knowledge of the ancient science of life.

Yoga is indeed a transformative journey and with the following read, understand how the ancient art changes your body, starting the day you begin.

After a few days of practice

Reduced Stress - The stress-busting powers of yoga is a blessing in this hustle bustle of today’s life. Practicing yoga and meditation reduces stress, makes you tension free and altogether is great for digestion and overall health.

Enhanced Brain Functioning - The bend, inversion, stretch associated with different poses have the ability to increase blood flow to the brain region hence improve focus, concentration, enhance memory and overall brain functions.

Improved Flexibility - Yoga is for all and you don’t need to have an agile body to practice it. Yoga gradually improves flexibility and reduces the risk of injury.

After a month of practice

Regulated Blood Pressure- Irregular blood pressure paves the way for a lot of health issues, but with the regular and daily practice of yoga, your blood pressure level becomes more regulated and balanced. 

Enhanced Sexual Functioning - Yoga boosts the arousal and desire and gives orgasm and sexual satisfaction for women. For men, it prevents premature ejaculation, increases sex drive, and increases sperm count and help both to become familiar with their bodies and needs. After a month or so, you’ll experience these changes.

Reduced Chronic Body Aches - In this time and age, most of us are bounded with a desk job that brings body aches especially to the back and neck region. With yoga, you can reduce the chronic neck and back pain, stress from the area and strengthen the muscles. After indulging in a month of practice, body aches will be a thing of the past.

Relief from Anxiety - Practicing yoga regularly for about two months shows an effective result in relieving anxiety by increasing GABA (gamma-aminobutyric) level in the brain that is associated with anxiety and depression.

Steady Blood Sugar Level - Diabetes is a fast-growing incurable health problem that serves as a host to many other diseases. But with yoga practice continued for a month or so, you can achieve steady blood sugar levels.

Improved Body Posture and Balance - Yoga is a great way of improving the body posture and balance and reduces the risk of injury occurs due to falling. Bask in it glory for a month and witness the change in your posture.

After years of practice

Strengthened Bones and Muscles - Bone Density Index is the fastest growing problem among women of every age, and yoga is the best possible way of keeping them strong even in seniorhood. Get healthy muscles and bones with years of yoga practice.

Healthy Weight- Reducing weight is indeed a task, and maintaining the same is harder. By practicing yoga and following yogic diet for a long period of time, one can have a healthy weight and lower the risk of other diseases occurs due to weight gain.

Low Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases - Weight, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stress, and Cholesterol prove to be the best host for cardiovascular diseases. Yoga treats the issues, prevent the cardiovascular condition, and make heart healthy if it is followed religiously for years.

Improved Respiratory Condition - Considering the current environmental conditions in many countries, yoga proves to be the best practice to safeguard yourself from the deadly respiratory issues including COPD, asthma, lung diseases- chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and others, and also increase the lung capacity. After practicing it for years, there will be significant improvement in the respiratory conditions.   

Yoga benefits your health in different ways and induces the best way of living by transforming you completely.

More By  :  Dr. Shalu Prajesh

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