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Trust and Lack of it
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There is always a distrust on Trust. Distrust laughs at Trust. Trust pities distrust and hopes it to change it’s status to trust. Irrespective of the physical strength, the moral strength comes from Trust. Trust in oneself weakens with each failure and strengthens with each success. But when one is driven to a state of helplessness, he gets disheartened, and gets into depression and disillusionment. That stops all progress. Evil forces which have been waiting shall snatch this opportunity to overpower his strengths.

These are common human experiences. When a person is forced to a state of hopelessness, he prays and learns that he is not all that powerful as he estimated to be. Trust builds up when he gets help from unexpected quarters at unexpected time and place. This will be Trusted as God given support.

Believers and non-believers reach the same point of frustration. Time of recovery differs. One may get over easily and the other may even succumb!

Here are some examples that illustrate these points.

Prahlada proved that his unshaken trust in Lord Vishnu alone helped him survive the punishments his father subjected him to. Can any child of around five years withstand even a single thrashing by a club by a strong warrior? Not even a single such thrashing affected him. He safely went through many such inconceivable punishments which no human can face unresistingly. This made his father wonder at failing of his capabilities even to punish a child, being an emperor who was a threat to even celestial beings. He had no trust on Lord Vishnu. He was of the opinion that Lord Vishnu was afraid of him like other celestial figures because of his enmity as He killed his brother Hiranyaaksha. He thought that he can kill his brother’s killer in revenge.

This is the pinnacle of self confidence, sometimes termed as obstinacy. He didn’t want to listen to his own son who was proving beyond doubt that his survival against all odds is because of his unshaken trust in Him. Today we have increasing population of antagonists who are great followers of Hirayanyakasipa. They are right in their own way. Such an opposition to the existence of God is ignored by Sanatana Dharma allowing them to realise the reality when they become mature. They believe in self effort and self confidence. They don’t trust any one unless it is supported by logic. How can even Prahlada logically prove that Lord Vishnu was helping him? He couldn’t convince his father of the uninterrupted help he was receiving from the Lord.

Sita Devi lived in Lanka in spite of threats and allurings by Ravana and his followers. One should imagine the hostile environment she had to survive for one year, without any friends, sympathisers or even human beings around her. One should imagine her situation and the mental strength she had to withstand all these antagonising forces. Her beloved husband should come, defeat this monstrous Ravana along with his great warriors including his son who defeated even Indra, the king of Devatas, and take her majestically, was the wish with which she survived so many months. Her Trust in herself was such that even Ravana was taken aback by her challenges. Today people are afraid of their boss that he may retrench them. She didn’t care for his threats that after two more months, he would get her cooked in her kitchen. A lady without any physical support to have the grit to threaten Ravana that with her will she can burn him to ashes is beyond imagination of any human being. She further said that she is constrained not to curse him as she needs her husband’s permission even to curse him.

See her respect for her husband even under such a tough situation. With all this she was a very practical lady who never believed any thing that is not feasible. She questioned Lord Hanuman the feasibility of Rama crossing the vast ocean along with the army of monkeys and bears though one odd person Hanuman could jump the ocean. She was not desperate to escape the wrath of Ravana. She refused the offer by Hanuman to sit on his back and jump back to join Rama. She insisted that Rama must kill Ravana in a battle and take her openly. Which lady would stick to values and good principles under life testing conditions? She couldn’t be lured by lucrative offers made by Ravana. These are the values to be learnt by the lady folk of any day. It is to be understood that the husband gets such a value when his values of valour, straight forwardness, kindness even to excuse his enemies when they realise their folly and apologize, unperturbed by lust and attractions, etc are great and genuine. These are some of the many qualities her husband Lord Rama had. Any outcome is a function of the inputs provided and the background of values an individual has.

Lord Hanuman, an embodiment of strength, valour, undaunted devotion, personification of kindness, intellect, intelligence, fearlessness, promptness, exemplary communication skills, leadership qualities, self control, ability to excuse, ability to take right decisions in right time, achieving the goal at any cost with Dharmic means amongst many others. He also demonstrated that prayer gives better assurances of success. With all these high qualities he too couldn’t accept a failure which can play havoc in the lives of Rama, Lakshmana, and their families apart from his team and Sugriva’s kingdom. He decided not to leave Lanka unless his mission is fulfilled. That is the devotion to work. Present day of excuses make people lazy and escape work. Lord Hanuman decided to live in Lanka and continue his search for Sita Devi.

Lord Sri Rama applauded the efforts of Lord Hanuman in finding whereabouts of Sita Devi and in addition to the assigned duty, his assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, to help the main purpose, namely, defeating Ravana in the battlefield. This additional associated task performed by Hanuman made Lord SriRama feel his deep indebtedness to Hanuman. Thus anyone who not only discharges assigned duty but further does any associated task to assist and help the main cause, will be superior to all others - according to Lord Sri Rama. Such an act increases Trust in the person. Trust is difficult to be built.

It is only a really devoted person that can think in terms of others predicament and to act appropriately to assist him whole heartedly.

When Lord Hanuman was being taken in to the streets of Lanka with his tail burning with fire, Sita Devi prayed to Lord Agni (God of fire) to relieve him of any inconvenience or pain of burning. Her whole hearted prayer gave relief to Lord Hanuman. This proved true devotion can make impossible possible.

Draupadi was saved from being deprived of her clothes in the public by Dussasana, just by her Trust in Lord Krishna.

Many such instances even in our lives reveal the power of Trust and devotion.

Lord Sri Krishna assures that the doubting persons get annihilated. Best way to lead a happy life is to have unshaken trust in the Almighty as Gajendra proved it. Our conventional prayers have the greatest power to cure incurable diseases and even to change one’s thinking.

Mantra has the power that can ward off evils. But in the modern world of disbelief we see practically what Lord Krishna said as “Samsayaatma vinasyati”. However one should be wise enough to recognise cheats and gullible. Here again the unshaken Trust in God guards the devotee all time.

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Trust and devotion in life and existence
make life meaningful.
To view it from various angles makes it so

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