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The boring life of a B-school academician!
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Having moved from the corporate world to academics, I often wonder what is it that is so radically different in the academic world. Here is an analysis.

1.   Innovative methods of teaching – no takers!

Whatever efforts you put, digitally distracted students in b-schools are just not interested. Most of them sit in the classes just for meeting the attendance norms. With an attitude of “I-will-pass-the-exam-no matter-what-I-write-in-the-answer sheet” where does that leave the poor teacher? On the contrary, you will be subject to a scornful – “who told you to take teaching so seriously? You just need to keep them in class for the 1 hour or so”.

2.   You taught well – so what?

So, you pored over different text books, read a few blogs, read a few books on Google books, religiously made notes and then made power point presentations and charts and also downloaded videos and showed them in the class. Then you enter the class and notice a few of them yawning loudly. You are still persistent. After all the efforts if you ask them what is innovation management, the student answers – it is so simple sir, it is managing innovation!

3.   Celebrate (?) semester breaks when everyone else is busy with their work

The semester breaks in a business school are opportunities for the teacher to go on a vacation all alone. May be it is time to be in touch with oneself! Time to learn a new hobby.. a new pastime.. or time to go for a medical check up to keep yourselves fit (both mentally and physically). The ennui associated with breaks when everyone else is busy is indescribable.

4.   Keep publishing research papers that not many may read.

Another research paper has been published. Ok. Please update your personal file. You receive a few “congratulations sir” messages on your whatsapp group. What next? That’s all. Start work on the next research paper!

5.   So, you are working in a college? That cynical look from your neighbors!

As everyone wonders what you are doing at home on a week day, you have to explain that this is a break for you! There are signs of envy thrown at you! But do your neighbors know the truth about how listless your life has become?

6.   Students today – Strangers tomorrow!

Students greet you all times of the day – until the display of the internal marks on the notice board. Some are already past caring. Students who pass out turn complete strangers even if you meet them on the road after 6 months! Teaching is a noble profession – so noble that you should forget your teachers after your work is done!

7.   De-stress through alternative means of relaxation.

Handling recalcitrant students can be a huge source of stress. If you are strict, they are ready to tear you down. If you are easy going, the student will brazenly put a hand on your shoulder!


8.   Surrendering to spirituality!

This is the ultimate nirvana or salvation to keep yourself mentally agile.

9.   Wondering what to do with the complimentary copies of books received!

Now you learn the art of saying “no” when publishers thrust non moving books on your table as complimentary copies.

10.               When there is nothing to look forward to day in and day out…

      Turn to the past. Listen to soothing music and old Bollywood songs. Watch Old Bollywood movies, thanks to You Tube! If nothing else, go for a long walk….

Yeh Jeevan Hai

Is Jeevan Ka

Yahi Hai Yahi Hai

Yahi Hai Rangroop

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