Lesson From A Crow

It happened this morning......

Feeding crows is part of the Indian way of life.  And, crows are known for their unity, for, when food is offered, not one, but many others come to partake of the food.

Whenever I spot a crow in my verandah, I make it a point to offer some food-rotis, rice, appalams, vadas.......
This morning, as I was watering my plants in the small balcony, I noticed the 'regular' bird (or I assumed it to be so!)
perched on the rod that is used for hanging clothes.

Telling him (or her) to wait, I rushed into the kitchen, brought a Marie biscuit, broke it into two and placed in on the parapet wall. The bird just sat there, without batting an eyelid. But, within seconds, out of nowhere, appeared its mate, grabbed one of the biscuit pieces, tilted its head, gave me a good glance and then flew off.  Soon, another of its brood appeared, took the other piece and flew off without a second glance.  

All along, my avian friend was perched in meditative pose.  
I questioned it - 'Why didn't you take the biscuit?"

It tilted its head, gave me a deeper glance (I could see its eyeballs clearly, I was at a distance of  three feet away from it..)
and flew off.  

I am aware that crows are renowned for their intelligence, their ability to flourish in human-dominated landscapes.  And,.this one is probably the regular bird who comes for the mid morning snack.

This also set me thinking - the sight of, rather the very mention of delicacies makes our mouths water.. And, most of us would love to have the lion's share for ourselves.

Here was a tiny little creature who sat there nonchalantly, while its mates  cashed in on the 'surprise' snack...

A 'murder' ( I prefer to use the word flock!) or crows inhabit this green neighbourhood.  On several mornings, I stand and observe them congregating on the roof top of the apartment behind, where, a good samaritan offers food for the crows and the other winged visitors of the locale.

The boiosterous gatherings on the roof tops, engaged in animated cawing and cacophonous sounds, akin to our politicians has always amused me. 

Dear crow,  I wish  you continue to thrive in our midst, your contribution to  the environment is amazing you are great scavengers....please continue to contribute in keeping the earth clean!


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Comment Thank you Hema for sharing your simple and meaningful thoughts and experience.

As I read this, my mind went back in time a little more than sixty years. I was in High School. Our Kannada teacher once told us that there is something one can learn from any animal. Dogs- faithfulness, elephants- dignified stature etc. When it came to crows what we learn is the sense of sharing. When a crow finds some eatable on the ground it will immediately sound its relatives and friends to come and share what is available. Indeed a wonderful lesson to learn.

K S Raghavan
31-Aug-2019 06:17 AM

Comment Finally I get to read an article favoring the crow, the much despised bird in black. Only swans are praised and found a place in classical literature including the Leelavathi math book. I recently saw on YouTube that showed crows are not just smart but super smart among birds; they would use a stick to get the food in a cage! As for me, wherever I am when I spot a crow, I feel at home. Thanks.

P. Rao
02-Apr-2019 06:42 AM

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