Simple Steps to Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

Looking for natural ways to treat your thyroid problems? 

Changes in the thyroid gland are becoming more and more frequent, and appear up to 7 times more frequently in women than in men.
,br />The causes for this can be varied, ranging from nutrient deficiency or hormonal imbalances to an excess of toxins or food allergies, but it's not always easy to realize, that we may be experiencing a problem with this specific hormonal gland.

Our thyroid is very important for our body, since it interferes with the health of our heart, our metabolism, our brain function and more.

Did you know that fatigue, apathy, hair loss, and weight gain may all be related to a thyroid disorder?

When there is change in our thyroid, it can cause us to develop hypo or hyperthyroidism.

In addition to seeking a doctor to diagnose your problem and prescribe you the correct treatment, you also need to improve your day-to-day habits.

You can do this by:

1. Avoiding Gluten
2. Avoiding Fluoride 
3. Regulating Iodine Levels
4. Decreasing BPA Exposure
5. Eliminating Heavy Metals From Your Body

You really should include this beneficial drink in your daily routine.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 teaspoon of coriander seeds;
1 cup of water;Honey (optional).

And here’s what you do:

Boil the water and add the coriander seeds. Cover the pot with a lid, and let it steep for 15 minutes.

Now, take the pot off the stove and strain the infusion.

Wait for it to cool off then drink it.

If you want, you can sweeten it with some honey.

Drink it every morning on an empty stomach.

According to people who have already used it, after a couple of weeks you will begin to see the results.

Looking for natural ways to treat your thyroid problems?

More By  :  Dr. Vipul Sharma

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