First it was Congress President Mr Rahul Gandhi forcing a hug on an unwilling Mr Narendra Modi, followed by theatrics of the eye during a parliamentary proceeding. They also managed to look into each other’s eyes and subsequent theatrics of the eyes were there for all to see.

Other famous hugs involving Indian Prime Ministers have been those of Mrs Indira Gandhi and Cuba’s Fidel Castro in 1979 in New Dehi, Mr Narendra Modi and US President Mr Donald Trump on various occasions.

Imitation is the best art of flattery - is a saying. To prove his newfound loyalty, Honourable MP Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu was more adventurous and hugged the Army Chief of Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa. This prompted Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh describing it as “not a nice gesture” and “completely avoidable”. Whether this incident also contributed to the disastrous drubbing of Congress Party in last general elections is for political pundits to dwell upon.

Already the US President Mr Donald Trump in his inimitable style has courted controversy with his remarks regarding some women Head of State.

It appears these modern times require a new look at this potent weapon to disarm and win over opponents. Political parties could have a code for hugging or public display of affection. Government may also initiate discussions to formulate guidelines for such display of affection. This could be even raised to revise the Vienna Convention regarding diplomacy.

How fruitful these huggings will be for the nation - that only time will tell. After all every minute of official proceedings costs something to the exchequer and the taxpayer could object in case of engaging of public figures in unproductive activities.

On a serious note, if such acts are merely for publicity then it is a sorry state of affairs. The citizens elect these people to devote their time and energy for meaningful activities and not have chalta hai attitude.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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