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Sanatana Dharma
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Brahmins believe in God. Prayer is the only way that would save us and the Sanatana Dharmam. H. H. Kanchi Paramacharya once advised Brahmins who were being publically insulted by a political party that they should regularly perform Sahasra Gayatri Mantra Japam as the solution. This was done and the intensity of insult and attack was reduced or some corrective action was taken.

This problem is being faced in Southern states. Mantra Sakti alone can help us in all the external attempts we take up for peaceful solution. A change should be brought in the thinking of people. Respect cannot be demanded.

From the beginning of the struggle for Independence it was the Brahmins who started schools for the schedule castes even before Independence. Even today the castes Mala and Madiga don't mix. There are Maalapallelu and maadigapallelu. Brahmins don't have Brahmanapallelu. Brahmins are being insulted since the days of pre-independence while taking advantage of the knowledge of this race and their meekness.

British bought off this country through the Bhedopaaya.  The same is being continued for all these years after Independence too. The caste system is being exploited to fight amongst themselves.

In villages which are not infected by political motives all castes treat each other with respect. There are only two occasions where they don't mix- one for food and, two for marriage.

The castes are based on Satwik , Rajasik, and Tamasik qualities.

Sanatana Dharma is aware of these differences and naturally people chose such jobs as per their Gunas. In order to maintain the purity of these Gunas the two earlier mentioned restrictions are appreciated and maintained for maintaining spirituality in every caste. Spirituality is never restricted to any single caste.  It is not that some one forced the jobs on them. Naturally they are the trades essential for the society to live comfortably.

Some work for agriculture. There is no caste basis for this. Many of the Brahmin families even today plough by themselves and cultivate. Thinking that only other castes do agriculture is a wrong concept. There is reason for generations taking up same jobs. Those families developed expertise and the tenacity to face the problems and occupational hazards associated with such professions. There was Dharma associated with each job.

Each profession is essential for comfortable living. Those who don't know the profession traditionally are those who neither respect their profession nor care for their parents and ancestors who are and were traditional. 

Philosophy was never restricted to any caste. The instances of helping each other, irrespective of the castes existed in the past and are existing even now by all those who respect service and have a sense of gratitude. Ours was such a well-knit culture which is spoiled by the influence of various non-progressive religions which want to spread by showing their might than by merit. The traditional education system is thoroughly spoiled and we lost peaceful existence. We only fight amongst families and as a society at large. We encourage ignorant and biased people to poison the thoughts of people. No one cares for Sanatana Dharma in our country today. We are lost in politics and in building vote banks to get into power and to retain it at any cost. Sanatana Dharma is the only solution to this problem. Spirituality was the binding force in this country since ages. Though we had diversity in Languages, customs, family practices, and social status, it was the discipline to reach high spiritual levels that united the diversification. It is time to re-establish Sanatana Dharma with devotion and determination.

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