Being Famous ...

Two deaths caught my attention for different reasons.

The Seattle Times had carried a small item– ‘hardly a ripple,’ the solitary life a homeless man who lived along with his dog in a deserted boat under the highway. The man was dead for about eight months, his faithful dog had been there for him and died along with him.

One soul in two bodies?

My thoughts rolled back into a Vernacular song of the yesteryears – ‘Veedu Varai Uravu...’ which roughly translates as relatives until the home, wife until the street, son up to the forest, till the end, Who? The homeless man had his canine’s love till his last breath; the canine unified in death with its master.

On the same day, I read online about the demise of a renowned son of India, former Finance Minister, a veteran politician; ‘cutting across party lines’ eminent personalities had come to pay their respects to the departed leader. Despite the best of medical intervention, the charismatic leader succumbed to multiple illnesses after a prolonged battle.

A huge void at present, no doubt, but the political brook will continue to flow...’the lone and level sands stretch far away.

More By  :  Hema Ravi

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