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Democracy – 3
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 The MAHA Drama. Act One of four scenes has just ended. Culmination has been imposition of President’s Rule in the state. Nobody would have anticipated this about two weeks back afters the results of election came out. There are no heroes here. All have behaved like villains. None of the parties involved has acted in the larger interest of the state and the nation.

Post mortem of the actions of different parties can go on and on. However it is a futile thing to indulge in. The big loser is Democracy because voting public has been betrayed. It is just a mockery of the mandate.

We wait for Act Two. What are we going to witness there? As of today it is big suspense.

There is an interesting development. The supreme court has been approached for betrayal of people's trust.

Nothing much may happen.Court's reaction is worth looking for. Such a petition is perhaps the first of its kind.


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