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Democracy — 4
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 Indeed , the MAHA drama with all the twists and turns has turned out to be a classic thriller. Writers like Sydney Sheldon can learn a lesson or two about how to script thrillers.

ACT-2 was full of behind-the-scenes activities but there appeared to be a definite direction and indication of how the tale would unfold. But there was an element of suspense too because of cautious silence on the part of Congress party. The party all along gave an impression of being the reluctant partner. Scene -1 of ACT-2 seemed to have ended yesterday (Nov. 22) as there was consensus on Uddhav as the chief Minister.

But this morning (Nov. 23) people woke up to an unexpected twist. Overnight, a new alliance took birth and Fadnavis greeted Indians as the newly sworn-in chief minister and Ajit Pawar as the surprise deputy chief minister. BJP yet again managed a coup. Difficult to find fault with BJP in the present case. The party has the moral right to govern. After Shiv Sena refused to honour the pre-poll alliance some form of unholy marriage was bound to happen. Finally BJP’s smartness prevailed.

A question will be asked in the days to follow. Did one Pawar ditch another Pawar for power? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Unholy compromise? Unethical? Unprincipled? Well, perhaps these have no relevance in today’s Indian politics. They are outdated.

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