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God in the Dock
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The demand for gender equality is quite old. Despite attaining success in many fields, there are numerous areas yet to be covered. A few nuggets of recent updates: London theatres to use only gender-neutral dialogue; women should not be categorized as the weaker sex. And the latest one (I don’t get all the news) is why women are discouraged to bare their breasts while men can flaunt their naked chest without inviting any critical wink.

Already the women enjoy a disproportionate advantage in displaying their sizzling body parts. There is a sustained trend of raising the hemline and plunging of the neckline of ladies. You witness this disparity in the grandest shows of Hollywood celebrations and everywhere else. The whole body of gents is covered fully up to the neck, while the lower limit of ladies' garments hangs a few inches up the knee and the falling neckline just shy of touching the pink teats on the crest of tight boobs. When this descent will cross the nipple line and intrude into the forbidden zone not known.

But, will it terminate the continuing brawl?

Surely, God is responsible for creating this tussle. For perpetuation of the race—if that was the purpose – He could easily do it by introducing asexual reproduction. It’s time now to revise His creation plan and put an end to this ongoing fight for gender equality forever.

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