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Free Love -- Mosuo Model
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The Mosuo are a small ethnic group living around China's Lugu Lake in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan. They have a unique sexual custom. Boys and girls become men and women after puberty around 12-14 years of age. Girls are allotted a separate bedroom with the freedom of inviting any man of her choice at night. She can engage with as many partners as she can accommodate. The matter is solely decided between the willing partners with no interference from any quarters. Their vocabulary is devoid of words ‘father’ and ‘husband’. Any child born is looked after by the girl’s extended family members, living generationally together – no headache for the mother. 

It’s sad that the tradition is under threat of dying out due to external factors, which must be stopped, rather it should be studied thoroughly and adopted and adapted to suit the modern world. It will be a panacea for eliminating heartbreak of divorce, infidelity, jealousy, sexual harassment in workplaces and rape arising mainly due to sex-deprivation.

Importing from agrarian background to the industrialized world may need modifications. It will make the #metoo movement redundant. It will bring about gender equality in a meaningful way. It is an urgent need of the day.

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