There is a big row going on as regards CAA.It is very strange. Persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries (cut off date 31st December 2014) will be given citizenship in India. One minority community which is the majority community in the neighbouring states wil be given citizenship on the basis of merit on application. A very simple provision. Why so many people are up in arms is a mystery. Not a mystery really, but a deliberate deed of misinformatin and disinformation. These people are apparently telling a porus border has been OK!

Jinnah wanted exchange of population. How demonic was his concept! Jinnah's grandfather of lohar community converted into Islam. Jinnah initially did not moot the idea of Pakistan. He latched on to the idea much later because of Gandhi's almost filial affection of Nehru. Nehru did not like exchange of population. A very tricky situation emerged, which led to partition and massacre of a million people. How could Jinnah moot the idea of exchange of population is just unthinkable. People born and brought up for generations in a land were dream yrt of being uprooted. A draconic idea. How dare he could imagine such a thing? What hunger for power! What animosity! Was it less demonic than Nadir Shah's purge of Delhi?

The current Government is very determined to close the pores of the border. Infiltration has been an issue since decades. How can the constitutional provision of secularism be invoked for infiltrators? They are not only fooling the people, they actually want to legitimize their illegal acquiscence of decades and may be dreaming of uprooting a goverment which has come to power with a better majority than last time by creating a civil unrest.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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