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The Question You Never Asked
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You were not born out of your own choice. As a child when felt hungry or discomfort you cried and mother fed or consoled you and you became quiet.

Time passed, your body grew; you accompanied your parents to some places of worship. And you are asked to bow down to the idol or whatever in front of you and you did. You are told time and again about some mysterious power looking after your welfare and safety. And you must pray regularly to that power. You imitated whatever the elders said or dealt with that power named as God. The belief got indelibly etched in your psyche without being aware of it in the least.

Growing up you saw billions of stars hurtling in the void of space meticulously obeying certain unseen laws without colliding with one another. You wondered at the mindboggling variety of flora and fauna populating the earth. Why do seasonal changes happen? How a flower blooms, how a single blade of grass grows? Myriad questions but no answer. You argued there must be some power for creating and regulating all this. Your belief in the mysterious power got reinforced – every pore of your being infused with the concept. Nothing grows on its own. There must be some power for creating it. You concluded, it is the all-powerful God.

But dared not ask: Who created God?

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Comment Again, I find it difficult to disagree with you. We don't allow children "thinkig space" as parents also were brought up in that milieu. It's not an easy job to come out the "conditioned mileu". Can you tell me how many Indians will agree to cede that freedom to their children.? It's almost unthinkable.
I'm glad to find someone agreeing with my way of thinking.


Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
12/24/2019 08:57 AM

Comment Briefly you have summarized a few hard facts of life in India. Young kids are instructed to pray to God regularly. Kids are rightly told no to do certain undesirable things. This comes with a rider "OR ELSE .. God will punish you". This is where the thought process needs to change. Children need to be taught "fear of god":, that is the fear of god within, and not "Fear of God" that is the almighty power.

Has any kid dared to ask "who created God?". Some might have, but only to be snubbed. Parents need to create "thinking space" in the minds of children.

Dr. K S Raghavan
12/24/2019 07:17 AM

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