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Two Trends -- Opposed in Directions
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There is a general decline in religious belief. Many churches in the west have to be closed down due to the decreasing number of churchgoers. Young applicants wherever asked to mention religion on an application form began writing ‘no religion’ or outright 'atheist'. 

The number is on the rise.

On the other, a recent survey shows, the number of older people believing in some supernatural power is on the rise too. That creates a young-old divide. Further, it has been found that the victims and survivors of natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions tend to believe in God. 

How you will like to decode it? The youth with bubbling strength, future hope, and damn-care attitude just rubbish the supernatural being. Growing old diminishes physical strength and confidence; fear of approaching death frightens them to the core. The ferocity of natural disasters instinctively forces the victims to seek psychological protection, which belief in God provides.

Long back Voltaire said, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” And now the neuroscientists claim they found a ‘God spot’ in the human brain. So the concept of God will live on.

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