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Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world is going to introduce Islamic principles to all aspects of life. First, it started with foodstuff; all foodstuff has to be certified as ‘halal’. The decision is arrived at after five years of deliberation.

Other non-food products will be required to have the halal certificate from 2021 onwards, but those who do not adhere to the law will only be punished beginning 2024. Even now, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc are displayed in the showrooms with halal certificates.

The popularity of the Islamic lifestyle prompted the concerned ministry to open a halal park in the capital. Gradually, it is likely to be extended to all over the country.

Malaysia will be credited to have developed a truly Islamic city in the world and will have, besides halal foods, -- Islamic finance, halal travel, modest fashion, halal media and recreation, and halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. There will be halting of daily activities for five-time ‘namaz’ every day.

‘Halal’ means permissible and ‘haram’ means forbidden.

Welcome to the future world soaked with halal stuff – pertaining to goods and behavior -- minus all haram items ushering into an era of all-round peace and progress.

(Based on a CNA report)

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