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 60 America Natkal by Sujata makes not only an interesting read but is also very informative. Usually people who write about America highlight the luxurious standard of living and the stunning cleanliness of the country. But Sujatha as usual is different and does not use this opportunity to eulogize America and its luxuries.

First Sujatha talks about several things if I am correct the year is 2007 what we are seeing in India today in the year 2021. Yes he talks about the networking and fiber optic cables used in networking which had become common in America then and became available in India by 2012.

The same is the case with Smart TV about which he talks eloquently and now this is available in India too. He mentions the intelligent way of indirect marketing strategy adopted by Americans that is online. He talks about freeware where we get many softwares free ( I myself have downloaded many) and sharewares ( where you are compelled to download one software extra if you want some software of your desire) This is the American way of pushing their products to the consumers and the fact that American economy is successful shows that it is the right way. Some of the Indian Corporates like TATA SKY adopt this method and I find many Indians finding fault telling that it is corporate culture. Funny indeed.

Americas consumer driven economy is something Sujatha highlights throughout the book. He says that there is one channel completely devoted to advertisements alone and that speaks the consumerism that is prevalent there. It is very clear from several example that he gives that money is the real God there and at every stage you have to shell out momey and unlike our country culture where we are only too glad to receive anything free. It appears Nothing is free in America. 

He had talked about Java and Oracle and mentions how Sun used to give Java latest for free download. Now I remember till 2012 even I used to download Java to operate Banking sites but now it does not demand Java anymore which means this is outdated.

The condition of the Asian American employees seems to be really pathetic when he clearly states that an Asian American will be given pay hike a separate cubicle but will not be entrusted with any responsible work and nothing can be more frustrating than this kind of neglect by the organization. 

While Indians especially the Tamilians who go there all claim to be "software engineers" Sujatha has spilled the beans where he had categorically stated that Chinese and Jews are stalwarts in the field of software and they are great masters in writing the programs. He also states that Americans do not diversify and concentrates only on one aspect where as Indians try out different jobs and the most important thing is Indians not only do "all kinds of jobs" in computer ( while they master none) are ready to get half the wages than the Americans.

One thing I do not understand is Sujatha has praised the American Education system. I have had the expereince of being online tutor to American students and I have found them all being passive and non active students like they will come with a title for an essay but will not make any contribution and would be too lazy to do it liek would say I have not read the novel just write this essay for me and I want an "A" grade. Sujatha makes no mention of this kind of students apparently he did not come across such types .

I was quite surprised  when Sujatha mentions about start up companies that are started by Indians and I think may be there may be many Gujaratits doing that since he did not specifically mention any Tamilain name.

On the whole it is a very interesting book and I only feel bad about my back pain which prevents me from reading more books.


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