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Illusion of knowledge is dangerous
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Illusion of knowledge is dangerous

I borrowed the title phrase from Devesh Kapoor’s article “Republic at 71”. He didn’t elaborate it further. Here is what thoughts it triggered in my mind.

Today’s world runs on the knowledge economy. The word is getting metamorphosed with every stage of development. But it will always remain knowledge-based. Knowledge which is practical and productive economically. The country which has a higher stage of knowledge enjoys a higher status in every respect.

India is not at a higher level of development. But we bask in the glory of the mythological notion of technological achievement. It is sad that the mythical story of ‘pushpak viman’  featured in the august gathering of the Indian Science Congress for the first time. It had advantages of vertical liftoff touchdown facility and easy manoeuv rability in all directions. But the renowned scientists couldn't give any concrete guidance on how to manufacture it.  Grafting of an elephant head on the neck of Ganesh is extolled as the height of Indian plastic surgery. And the birth of Karna through the ear is glorified as the feat of genetic engineering. Many in the higher echelons suffer from this malady. There are numerous such examples. Recently a governor of a state observed the world should not take India lightly as it had a high degree of firearms and aircraft in the past. But he was blissfully oblivious of the fact that India buys billions worth of sophisticated arms and ammunition form the west and F-16, Mig - 29 and Rafael are not Indian make.


This illusion of knowledge. It retards a country's progress. 

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