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All thanks to Chinese Virus
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 I woke up yesterday at 6:00 a.m. as it was second day of lockdown that is imposed in our Holy country due to Chinese virus. My mother was screaming from other side of my house that Harshu ( my name is Harsh but my mom use to call me Harshu , Harshi , Harshon , everything except the name given to me by her , looks like as she once promised to God that she will never call me with my actual name) get up fast and go get some milk before all packets run out . I was feeling sad and despondent that this was the second day of this month and second day of my life on which I got up so early. Wearing Boxers below formal shirt like 50 years old uncles ( who go for exercising even in such a tough situation ) , I came  out of my house the sky was bright with the aurora and there was no one on the street except few joggers with headphone on their ears who are mostly focused on their headphone as jerks caused by jogging help their headphone to climb down to their neck. In them there is one overconfident smoker who presume that ciggarettes will help his lungs in fighting with this Chinese Virus as he was exercising without any mask on his face .

Approaching towards kirana store ( foreigners call it as Departmental Store ) I saw people having a tug of war among themselves . It's like watching WWE live without any side effects of that bright box on eyes but soon after I recognized that I was the only one present in the audience, who was cheering for both sides. Shopkeeper with his ten brothers trying to serve everyone along with earning heavy profit. Atta (flour) that is of rupees 25 per kg increased drastically to Rs 40 per kg in just 2 days. Police never uttered a single word to them as Kanpur's Police mostly depends on Pan Masalas rather than depending on food items and they are getting that for free without wasting a single penny from there hefty salary. When anyone ask shopkeeper about why the prices got increased overnight, those 10 brothers besmirch him simultaneously and other intellectuals (holding degree from Oxford University) present there rather than supporting start teaching that how government is doing bad for us this is how prices are increasing leaps and bounds. Quarantine days are going in my city are like this. 

Besides these things I want to draw your attention towards Nature , that I noticed in these two days. I came to see that my frustration which mostly acquire the nerves of my brain on every casual day got vanished this is not because of yoga the reason is the minimising noise pollution. Putting horns ranging between 500 to 600 decibel on vehicles is a common ritual in my locality and persons residing here also love to preserve environment by honking horn from far away to the front of their House's gate. 
Along with this I also observed sparrows, parrots, cuckoos, etc. in my locality that I saw once in a blue moon. I got astonished and watched them closely a few hours. On that day I felt like I have a bird watcher inside this flesh and blood but inside somewhere in my mind there was a feeling that these 21 days are soon going to be end and a second time those worldly problems are going to surround us as usual that will trap us once more leaving us lonely. We will not see nature afresh like this , before another Force Majeure is going to reset it. 

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