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Novel Coronavirus - Covid-19
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Covid 19 or the novel Corona Virus is the latest news all over the world and has impacted mankind in such a way like never before.

There have been several Viruses like this before but they were restricted to one geographical area but this which emanated from China has in the course of three months turned into an uncontrollable pandemic.

It gives rise to several serious questions.

  1. WHO insists that the only way to keep the disease at bay is to live in sanitized conditions – asking us to wash our hands as many times as possible with soap. 
  2. If that is the case then first world Countries like Italy, Spain, UK and more importantly USA people live in super sanitized conditions. Then how come they got affected? A big unanswered question.
  3. For any disease especially something that is dreadful which could be fatal the sequence of deterioration which finally leads to death should be explained. In this case from what I could gather I think that it starts with cold, cough and difficulty in breathing – here I think the last mentioned symptom is of great significance, which ultimately leads to breathlessness and when not given respiratory assistance the patient collapses.
  4. Why it particularly affects people with a history of diabetes and hypertension – no clear cut answer.
  5. And the BIG question is HOW THE DISEASE SUDDENLY DEVELOPED IN WUHAN? All other viruses so far had emerged from Africa and we know the African conditions but China seems to be or rather claims to be on par with the western countries in offering sanitized standard of living.
  7. Instead the virus spread to countries which are thousands of miles away right up to US which is nearly more than 12 thousand miles far. Does it not sound very strange and weird?
  8. While China raised queries about other Viruses in UNSC now it is not ready for discussion on this novel Corona Virus which has become a pandemic and brought the entire world into a grinding halt.

This gives rise to several doubts:

  1. Is this Virus synthesized in the labs of Wuhan and spread intentionally to create havoc?
  2. Is this actually a war between US and EU with China and we are all caught in the crossfire unintentionally
  3. The first world countries total dependence on China from Sanitary pads to life saving drugs made China think that it could unseat US from the exalted position of world leader and get into its shoes and dictate terms to the world by becoming the next SUPER POWER
  4. The way the disease develops and evolves in human body shows that – the main intention is to create acute respiratory problems and people will throng hospitals in huge numbers, the kind of numbers that any nation whether developed or under developed could not cope with. Remember in Italy most of the people who died are the ones who did not get medical attention; the hospitals alarmed by the numbers thought it wise to treat the young and leave the old.
  5. China is silent about the disease but WHO is acting like China’s spokesperson and that in itself is pretty odd and we should be able to read between the lines.
  6. Nearly three months after the epidemic broke in China WHO accepted that it spreads from man to man – a very late acceptance and generally virus spreads either through water or air but the way this novel corona virus spreads is indeed “novel” because you can’t touch even the metals that the afflicted person has touched and the excuse is it is “oily” and “sticky” – and these things were not revealed by China when it was “supposed to be ravaging Wuhan”
  7. The way it has spread in Italy and US raises serious questions – we all know that these people are not as gregarious as we Indians and during weekends they would never even come out of their houses.
  8. The Sunday Mass in US is never jam packed like it is in India and there are no places that are crowded like we see in India. It is very UNLIKELY that it would have spread through human contact except of course sex which is undoubtedly the simplest and easiest method for the virus to spread. But WHO never mentioned this as a cause but is asking me to wash my hands umpteen times with soap which would eventually end up in my hands getting burnt due to the mild acidic quality of the soap!!!
  9. We all know that tinned foods are exported from China to the west – noodles to pastas to fish, meat and pork and butter products, The spiraling and never ending cases in US gives rise to one important question – maybe I repeat maybe the virus is spreading through these tinned foods
  10. One of my friends from US said that Indian diaspora are not affected in great numbers and this could be the reason as they may not be “particularly fond of these Chinese tinned non vegetarian foods” – a point worth pondering
  11. We all know that burgeoning elderly population and depleting younger population is a bane of the EU and US and maybe the insurance companies there might have struck a deal with China to dispense with the older generation who might be costing them by falling sick frequently.
  12. And the BIG question how are we to trust America that they were totally in the dark about this Wuhan Virus while we all know that America is the biggest peeping tom of the world or he was also in the know of things but only shocked by the magnitude in which the virus attacked them?
  13. Finally when we analyze these ideas I personally feel we Indians need not worry too much about this “novel” virus since Indian food habits are “totally different” whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian and the Indians who depend on Chinese tinned food must be a miniscule percentage. We live in least sanitized conditions and we have natural immune system since it is fighting a virus every day. So let us not panic and right now the matter of great concern is how it is going to affect our economy.

With all these questions let us #playsafe and #stayhome and follow the government rules faithfully but let us not panic and may be try to find answers for these unanswered questions.

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Comment It is, indeed, an exhaustive and logical analysis of the recent havoc created by the socalled
'covid19' or whatever. I think it is time for the whole world to make proper analysis and judgment on diplomatic relationships and assess each nation and its credibility in a more objective way!

G Swaminathan
03/29/2020 07:15 AM

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