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Coronavirus: Pause and Think
Coronavirus and the human race
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While the world battled to discover the cure for the Coronavirus with little progress; I thought it was time we look at the incidence of coronavirus and its implication to human beings. I don’t intend building a wall to support whether the virus was concocted by any country against another country or not. My focus is on the implication of the coronavirus incidence on mankind.

I may sound philosophical, spiritual or better still maniac but it is my thoughts I wish to express and nothing more.

By the way, I’m having a good time self-isolating during this Incidence in Nigeria and the most populous cities in Nigeria Abuja and Lagos cities are on lockdown due to the spread of this disease.

It is no news that the pandemic brought to halt the activities of mankind ranging from business to politics to education and to social life. This could be the sign for the human race to look back on how it has fared over the years. The evolvement and spread of the Pandemic called Coronavirus was one that was hardly expected.

This is especially for folks like me who do not wish anything as such impeding our speed of daily progress.

I read some publications where what seemed like prophecies and predictions were made by some elites concerning the rise of the Coronavirus. However, little or no attention was given to such predictions and prophecies because as usual the world has been so used to her predetermined activities that it underestimates the involvement of the supernatural in the activities of Mankind.

The effect of the Corona-virus pandemic stopped the seamless flow of business operations from firms to customers, firm to firm, country to country. This situation harmed the economic growth of many countries. While businesses were locked down, the demand for goods increased. The demand for necessities increased as well. Mankind realizes for the first time in a long while that the most important business to be taken care of is the health business and the stomach business.

Manufacturing industries to textile to quarrying businesses and lots more were on total lockdown. The commercial banks were left out anyway with strict precautionary measures.

The closest industry that was not totally affected was the ICT industry. This industry farewell although there was a decrease in her turnover rate. The corona-virus pandemic caused losses to businessmen and women, companies and countries as they were not able to buy or sell. This is an unexpected situation where the business sector has outlined goals and big plans to set the year 2020 on fire. This is a piece of evidence that the corona-virus had in itself the ability to break through man’s proposition, man’s best idea and man’s best plan.

The pandemic also crushed the social life of citizens all around the continents. First, it started in the workplace. Companies and organizations shut down operations and this reduced the social life of people. Public places were deserted.

All over the streets of New York and London, people departed from the coffee shops, the pubs, the movies, and the clubhouses. This is frustrating as some folks are not used to this kind of lifestyle. The corona-virus made it possible for human beings to understand that they have in them the adaptive power which could hold on to any situation. For the first time in the history of mankind, human beings freely ran homes to ensure their safety. For the first time in a long while man realized that the most important person in the universe is man.

Human beings cared less about institutions and careers.

Coronavirus pushed them to deal with themselves on a personal level and not on a group level. This is not normal. This is a sign of the supernatural intervening in the affairs of mankind.

The official game of football that brought people of different backgrounds, races and calling together was officiously suspended. Games like the champions league, the Europa, premiership and other local leagues that brought people together was automatically suspended due to this pandemic called Corona-virus. No one government can do this in the whole wide world. It can never be possible for one government or one country or any constituted body to carry out such suspension. But lo and behold one virus was able to halt the social life of mankind. Again, this is not ordinary.

This is the supernatural intervening in the affairs of mankind. The social life did not end with the game of football, worship centers were banned from holding regular meetings due to the spread of the virus. This time the contest was no longer between the Christian faith and the Muslim faith. It was not who knew God the most or who does not believe at all in God. It was an issue of how much do you value your life and that of your neighbor.

For once in a long while, mankind came to a point where it agreed that a man’s safety is dependent on another and not how much careful he can be. Again, this is not normal, it is nature teaching us what matters most in life. Looking out for one another, getting involved in the affairs of one another. This is because in the safety of our brothers lies our safety. This is nature at work.

Corona-virus brought relative peace in the society especially between the countries that have prepared their armory for international war. The anger between the United States and Iran was put on hold as none of the countries were ready to lose more lives of her citizens.

The beef between the United States and China was also put on hold as both countries needed to fight a common enemy. This time not with nuclear weapons and jet fighters but with contract-love, care, and compassion. Nature taught man once more that the strength of weapons can fail as the world battled an enemy it could not see but can feel. Coronavirus must be a ghost.

The education sector was put on hold all over the affected 25 countries of the world. For once in a long, while the theories of physics, chemistry, and biology were defeated. The students were no longer taught how to manage a business and motivated to make a first-class grade. For the first time in a long while, the teachers were able to admit that there is a part of life they cannot teach. There was a part of the equation they could not solve, there was a part of the business they could not manage and there was a part of communication they could not communicate.

The pandemic put on hold the knowledge man has gathered over the years and taught man sanitation. Corona-virus taught man hygiene. It taught man personal time. It taught man that it can do without so much knowledge of Aristotle, Plato, and Archimedes. This is not ordinary, nature has decided to teach mankind the most important aspect of life which is love for one another. The affected victims who lost their lives during this pandemic were not able to learn these lessons but we who survived the pandemic took some steps backward and recalled the lessons of life.

No one can beat the lessons that nature teaches, its soothes our feeble minds and get us ready to embrace the future that we can create out of the lessons we have learned. This is not ordinary. This is the intervention of the supernatural in the affairs of mankind.

I was having a coffee when this thought ran through my mind. I need to get back to my daily activity.

Stay safe…

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Comment "Corona-virus taught man hygiene." I would amend it to say - Corona-virus taught Western man hygiene. We from South Asia already learned this from age old infectious diseases prevalent in the hot climate. The concept of, jootha, don't drink or eat something touched by another's lips is going to take root in the West.

I enjoyed reading the sentiments expressed in the article. Thanks.

P. Rao
04/13/2020 21:10 PM

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