Time-pass During Lock Down

Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
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Long ago (when I was a student in US in 1970s) I had read an excellent interview of Albert Einstein (this was his last interview; he died 2 weeks later on) given to a historian of Science Dr. I. Bernard Cohen. This interview was published in 1955 July issue of Scientific American.

Einstein has been my hero and I have read innumerable books on him including this interview. Einstein in this interview discussed a lot about the thinking process of Newton (whom he greatly admired) since Cohen had written a scientific history of Newton and Principia.

This interview made a great impression on me at that time because Einstein among other things said that people take for granted the existence of photons; something that Einstein had worked to unravel its mystery. He said that we still do not understand the true nature of photons.

Since then I have pondered on this question on and off.

That is why I come to the central theme of my time-pass. How do photons travel through space-time continuum? Or why there is no time embedded in it or in any of the atoms like hydrogen, carbon, etc.

Part inspiration to ponder on this question also came from my study of Patanjali Yoga darshan. In one of the shlokas Patanjali states “By making Sanyam on single moments and their sequence (i.e. time) one gets exalted knowledge, free from the limitations of time and space and by this knowledge a Yogi can discriminate objects which cannot be distinguished by species, characteristic marks or position in space”.

Did Patanjali allude to time embedded in the system?

A hydrogen or carbon or any other atom which may come from galaxies billions of kms away is same as what is found on this planet earth. Why time does not touch them? Though they travel through the space-time continuum and yet have no traces of time embedded in them. How does this happen? Is this true or am I missing something?

So here is something to ponder upon if you have the inclination. I will be delighted to hear your point of view.

Be safe and healthy.

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