Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS

PCOD/PCOS has several aspects to deal with. PCOD interferes mainly in two mechanisms of the body

1. Insulin metabolism
2. Androgen production

Due to interference in insulin metabolism, insulin resistance occurs which in turn results in symptoms like weight gain or increased blood sugar levels.

Due to Androgen overproduction the symptoms occur as follows-

Irregular Menses
Bulky Ovaries

So we have to plan the line of treatment accordingly. We have to consider each and every point while treating PCOD.

Precodeal Tablets deal with PCOD considering all these aspects.
Contents like Kuberaksha, hingu, tankan bhasma etc help to push the periods and regulate the menstrual cycle

Shatavari, shankh bhasma, pure Amruta satva etc help to ovulate naturally, according to "Beej Janan" chikitsa.

Ashwagandha, jatamansi, shatavari etc help in hormonal imbalance

Kanchanar and Tamra Bhasma help in management of cysts and bulky ovaries according to Lekhan Chikitsa.

Patha, trikatu, indrayava etc help in clots in Periods according to Rajogranthi  yog of Vaghbhata.

Precodeal is processed in Haridra, methi, sharpunkha etc which deals with insulin resistance.

So Precodeal Tablets is prepared in a way to take complete care of PCOD

More By  :  Dr. Swapnil Dharmadhikari

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Comment sir my daughter have irregular period dr dignse pcod age 21 yrs weight 39 yrs

trupti sunil navale
02-Jun-2021 05:59 AM

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