COVID-19 Testing Times - 3

Lockdown as a result of Corona virus pandemic has thrown up unheard of situation in India as well as elsewhere. Some are discussed below.
There has been a lot of hue and cry around assembling of migrants wanting to go home– in Mumbai on 14.04.2020 and earlier in Delhi and Surat. Investigating agencies are trying to find if there was a deliberate misguidance in Mumbai. Why blame the poor migrants for not maintaining norms of social distancing? Some politicians have found an opportunity to cry hoarse on behalf of these migrants.
Social distancing is a luxury for the poor migrants. What social distancing can be expected from labourers forced to stay with half a dozen people in the same room as in Dharavi? Privileged, well heeled politicians and administrators are only day dreaming if they are expecting social distancing from them. They do not have that luxury. Those who do have that luxury are no better.
Mr M Jayram, BJP Legislator from Karnataka merrily celebrated his birthday last week with about 100 persons as reported in news media. What action, if any the Government has initiated against the elected Honourable MLA is yet to be known. Let us remember that elected representatives take an oath to uphold the constitution and would be expected to abide by the laws of the land.
Not to be left behind, Congress workers of Karnataka too defied social distancing norms to celebrate Mr D K Shivakumar’s appointment as state party president in the same period.
While the powerful politicians get away with their utter disregard to laws of the land, poor migrants get lathicharged!
Insensitivity in U.S.A
Several prominent politicians abroad have also exhibited their insensitivity. President of U.S.A Mr Donald Trump does not wear face mask as he says it is not mandatory. The President forgets that he is supposed to be a role model and is not in a court of law to prove that he has not done something illegal. It is as simple as this.
The U.S. administration has decided to print name of President Donald Trump on the relief cheques being mailed to citizens. This is likely to result in delay of despatch of cheques to the needy persons. They are to get assistance of up to $1200 as part of $2 Trillion package approved by Congress.
Some are accusing the U.S President of using the cheques printed with his name to boost his image in an election year!

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