Be Brave and Believe

I often felt that some situations do make us uncomfortable. For long it didn't made any sense than following my comfortable path that is, live life suitably. Obviously, I love writing poetry and thus observation and thinking let me enjoy fuller perspective about life and beyond.

However, there are times when we are stranded not in certain situation, just randomly. Being human is to strive so one does not thinks with seriousness and takes this discomfort to be a petty situation. 
It occurred to me that when something jilts you to the core, you happen to understand that you are meaningless or visualize great or certain darkness has descended in life.
One such incident made me realize that there is no dimension of being the best, being the honest. Look at soldiers at borders and doctors, nurses, paramedics at hospitals and their work in this pandemic scare. Like it has already been well said, the sun fills the earth with warmth, the sea provides with rain, what we need is to follow the entirety of us.
We should strive at every possible hour to understand what works best to solve this pandemic. Discipline, hard work, wise words or confidence, or any virtue could lead you in direction. We learn from these examples that the best possible things happen because we decide to be good. Goodness leads. Goodness thinks in right direction and wants the world to be constructive and productive. Goodness wants to help people, to save civilization and humanity.
First is to be brave and second is to believe. We then can put our collective strength and nothing can stand our way. Our struggles and empathy has the dimension of being right. This strength upholds the drama, the consciousness of truth and enlightenment. 

More By  :  Neelam Dadhwal

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