Lalithambal Sobhanam

 Lalithambal Sobhanam

This hymn is more popular among people of Kerala. This hymn is sung by women on Fridays and Tuesdays as well as during all the days during Navratri festival.  Following the recital of the hymn, Goddess Lalithambika is offered thamboolam, fruits, flowers, payasam and the same is offered to married women and children.

This shloka contains certain avatars of Devi Durga Parameswari.  Sree Mahavishnu, Sri Krishnan, Sri Raman – the words Sri/Sree denote Devi and also Mahalakshmi. This is why Durga Parameswari is considered as VishnuDurga – sister of Maha Vishnu.  Hariharan was born by the union of Shiva and Vishnu in the Mohini avatar – so goes the legend.

Lord Shiva along with his consort Uma Parvati has the form of Arthanareeswar indicating that siva and sakti are inseparable. Lord Shiva also joins Mahavishnu as Sankaranarayanan Swami  and gives darshan to his devotees in Sankaran Kovil, near Tirunelveli.  The avatars of Vishnu in Vishnu Puran are somewhat similar to the avatars of Devi in Devi Puran. Vaishnavi, Vishnuroopini, Narayani are some of the other names by which Devi is known.

When Lord Vishnu was resting on the sea, brahma erupted from the Lotus on Vishnu’s naabi. For some time, Brahma was stupefied not knowing what to do.  It was devi who woke up Brahma from this state of helplessness and gave him the clarity and competence needed to engage in the process of creation. Devi also helped Vishnu (who was in yoga nidhra) to decimate an asura called madhukadaiva.

The next avatar of Devi speaks about her support to the Devas in their fight against asuras. The fourth avatar is when Devi was born to King Daksha as Dakshayani and kills herself in the sacrificial fire when her father ill-treats her love – Lord Shiva.  Devi’s fifth avatar is when she was born as Parvati to Himatparvata king and married Lord Shiva. It was then that Devi gave birth to Lord Muruga so that he could kill the asuras – sooran in particular.

When Shiva turned Manmadan (the King of Love) into ashes, Vishwakarma used that ash and Pandasuran was thus created.  Devas recited Sri Vidyai mantra to propitiate Devi and created a sacrificial fire. All of a sudden Devi appeared in Srichakra and healed the wounds of Devas that were caused by Pandasuran and his tribe. The  Devas had prayed to her as “Lalithambikai” and the Goddess after decimating all the asuras joined Lord Shiva along with all the powers that she had acquired. The Lalitha Sobanam talks about this last avatar of the Goddess. It is widely believed that all the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu emanated from his sister’s ten fingers.

Listening to Lalitha Sobanam can give you happiness, peace and abundance of good health.  

More By  :  G. Venkatesh

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