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Kamal Hasan - A Pain in the Neck
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The success stories of the late AIADMK leaders MGR and Jayalalithaa have made all Tamil actors think that it is after all easy to get the highest job of Tamil Nadu.

Coming to Kamal Hasan he has one great problem. When he actually lacks minimum intelligence, just because he is able to speak English fluently (which most of the Tamil actors don’t) and has managed to read a few books he “firmly believes” that he is an intellectual. That is the whole problem. You can handle simple people but these people who live in delusions like this are very difficult to manage and they are the crankiest lot and this new “neta” Kamal Hasan belongs to that league.

The most pitiable thing about Hasan is he firmly believes that he is a big leader on a par with none less than our honorable Prime Minister Modi. He has tried to “show this off” several times and today again he had done it.

One more thing about Hasan is he likes monologues that is he prefers to speak and does not like to listen and just hates criticism of any kind. It is but natural that he has these two qualities after all he is a Tamil actor and Tamil Nadu journalists are as a class non critical about people whom they think to be “really big” whether they really are or not is a different matter altogether. Having used to only eulogists all through his career if you suddenly want Hasan to take criticism it is difficult you see.

Hasan thinks that the best way to be in politics is to grab headlines with some stunning sentences which are invariably stupid like he said “the first Indian terrorist was a Hindu and his name is Nathuram Godse” in a predominantly Muslim belt during the course of his election campaign. He got what he wanted – the entire North Indian Media flaked him for being selectively secularist and also on his ignorance in confusing an assassination with a pre meditated terrorist attack. For Hasan this is what he wanted – being an actor he knows that it is better to be talked about even for wrong reasons than not being discussed at all.

The next he wrote an article (again a monologue) in which he criticized Prime Minister Modi and called him a “balcony PM” because Modi did not care for the poorest of the poor. At the time when the whole world is facing a crisis that emanated from China Hasan was worried about the (mis)fortunes of the migrant poor that too not belonging to his state Tamil Nadu (this problem is not there in Chennai) but of Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. See his self-esteem is too big that he has set his eyes straight on Raisina Hills (so what if half of India has already forgotten his only Hindi hit Ek Duujhe ke liye)!!

And today he has come with a sixer I should say. Yes when the government is struggling with an international crisis like Corona Virus Hasan has released a video in which he expressed gratitude “for the rousing reception given to his letter to the PM” (his sense of humor needs to be applauded) and “appreciated that state governments and Central government coming together cutting across party lines” and instead of stopping at this point talked at length in his usual convoluted manner and in the bargain “giving number of suggestions” to the Central government.

Hasan has lauded the developed countries for spending higher percentage of the GDP on health care and where as we spend more on defense which is needless. Now Hasan you are providing comic relief to us in this hour of gloom and despair. The developed nations that Hasan praised is now stripped of all its sheen and are facing maximum number of deaths and they do not have an aggressive neighbor like Pakistan which turns out to be a manufacturing hub of terrorist activities targeting India.

Hasan once went to Mumbai and there his pseudo-intellectual façade was unmasked by Union Minister Smriti Irani and formidable anchor Arnab Goswami and after that episode which revealed what an ignoramus he is Hasan decided to attack the Prime Minister safely ensconced in his home turf Tamil Nadu where journalists will never repudiate him. In today’s video he has given lengthy advice on how “to handle the ensuing economic crisis post Corona Pandemic” and this I think reminded me of the very old proverb how Nero was playing the fiddle when Rome was burning. Yes Hasan chose not to speak about the Pandemic because he has nothing to offer on it and also the Tableeghi Jamaatis who were the root cause of spike in Corona Virus numbers in Tamil Nadu especially since he owes his allegiance to the Muslims who are bank rolling his “project politics”.

Now Hasan we know your performances were good in your films which were comedies but don’t take your film roles too seriously and extend it to real life also that is too much and PM Modi has a battery of advisers to take the economy on and of all the persons you are the last he wants to turn to.

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Comment Hasan should not be taken seriously.His vote bank will be the divided poor and the divided cine admirers.As well said, he is self educated so he gained the natural affinity to pretend to be an intellectual.He appeals to a set of people who are against the established political parties.There is no harm in forming political parties but they should know the reality of people's discontent and the way to solve the issues.It is not an easy matter.Hasan should contribute more to an industry where he has proven his prowess and build his party till he can sway the voters to make him the CM of Tamil Nadu.

vaisanava das
04/22/2020 03:56 AM

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