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Are we moving toward Majoritarianism
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May be I should rephrase it as is it time that we move toward Majoritarianism?

I know the real seculars and the pseudo or maybe we call them “selective seculars” would be shocked and may dub me as “Modi Bhakt” of “Hindutva fanatic”.

Actually when I was young I strongly felt that there is no difference among men and their religious ideologies and these are just made man boundaries and what ultimately matters is what kind of a human being you are. That is precisely the reason why I contracted an inter religious marriage since I believed in my conviction.

Luckily for me the man I married stopped completely practicing the religion he was born into and moved to my religious faith. Why I am saying luckily is that when I see what is happening around me now and when I realize what had happened in this country in the past I feel that any individual must be accepted or rejected based on his religious ideologies.

When I was young I felt religion is not a “big” matter after all it is just your faith. No I was wrong or maybe at that age I did not possess enough maturity or intelligence to understand how much religion impacts a person.

Now with time and experience I feel our country’s forefathers had done grave injustice to this great country and most of the societal and political problems are still not solved because of these grievous mistakes committed by the so called “architects of modern India”.

When the BJP government came to power for the second time with a brute majority last May 2019 they started moving in the right direction- first to set right the monumental mistake committed by Nehru and later his family members who succeeded him. Yes abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir and this historic move made it clear to our hostile neighbor Pakistan that Kashmir is always an integral part of India.

The law on triple talaq and the much hyped CAA are all seen in unison with abrogation of article 370 as an onslaught on Muslim community and with a lot of sound and fury much politics is played on it.

Actually triple Talaq issue is not to be taken seriously at all and even BJP government knows that is something very silly because this topic has direct connection with Muslim community’s socio economic status. But the idea behind this is very clear and sends the right signal – this is the first step to show that the government or the state is bigger than your religious belief. Yes this is very significant.

Triple talaq was a very intelligent move by the BJP government because prima facie the law helps the hapless Muslim women who are often victims of this Muslim personal law and many Islamic countries themselves have banned it since it is injustice to women. The opposition was dumb struck but the BJP government knew that it was sending signals to those who are concerned – it is a symbolic move to show that the Muslim personal laws will be touched upon when the Common Civil Code is enacted which I am sure would be done before the present government completes this term.

Enacting Common Civil Code is a must because as a country all Indians are to have the same law. The Muslims seem to have selective preference- they want their personal law in certain matters and would prefer to take refuge in IPC in certain matters. For instance if a Muslim commits a crime like murder or theft then according to sharia the punishment would be severe but Indian Muslims in that case would prefer to be treated as Indian Citizen and try to get reprieve under IPC.

Again Muslims prefer not to say Vande matram and Bharat mata ki jai because it is against their religion. No religious belief is above Country. This should have been inculcated in Muslims immediately after independence itself but the Congress Government was always backing the Muslims as it considered it as a sure bet vote bank.

Nehru was the biggest hypocrite and a spineless leader. He became the great leader that he was projected by a quirk of fate and extreme luck and by pampering Muslims he wanted to “prove” how secular he was; he as a leader should have thought of future and the impact it would have in later years – the way Modi is doing now. Modi is a true leader and not the one who thinks for the moment.

Now with the mushrooming of media there are leaders of all sorts shapes and sizes and everybody talks about their “rights” and are creating problems and sowing seeds of venom and hatred among the gullible, illiterate Muslims especially the Tamil Muslims many of whom would not have even had a look of the Holy Quran. To them the speeches rendered by these self-proclaimed “religious preachers “are gospel truths and this is indeed a dangerous trend for our country in the future.

Every country moves toward Majoritarianism only and I strongly feel that India also should move in that direction and that would be good for our future generation. Majoritarianism does not prevent anybody from practicing their religious faith or adhering to it but only makes it imperative that nobody can put religion above the nation.

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Comment Well articulated. These arguments hold good for the states which try to act against the nation and centre as this country is divided into states unfortunately based on the languages spoken. Probably, that is another blunder committed by our great forefathers!

G Swaminathan
04/26/2020 02:13 AM

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