Are the Whites Superior to Others (Part 2)



 White Supremacy contd. 2



In the early nineteen fifties, I used to get World Student News, a left-oriented monthly from Prague. In one of the issues, the front cover photo depicts a boy climbing a stiff rock. The caption at the bottom was "Enjoying a Holiday". 


That was the starting point of the chain reaction of my thinking: is there any difference between our outlook and theirs? How many of us could think of an arduous task of climbing a rock an enjoyment even today? That too, on a holiday?  I was fully ignorant of race or superiority of one over the other. So far  I didn't try to know about it in detail. Only get slightly provoked occasionally by the sporadic news nuggets that hit the eyes. 


Will you agree that our popular concept of enjoyment differs from them? Now we are imitating them. Whatever sports and games we indulge in today are of western origin. We lack terribly the spirit of adventure. Does it impact us adversely?


We are static in comparison with their extra-ordinary dynamism. Even now we couldn't embrace the thrilling sports of surfing, rafting, skateboarding, and the like. The less dangerous popular games of us e.g football, basketball, badminton. cricket etc are all done by imitation. Our own games of ‘kabaddi’ and ‘kho-kho’ are far behind gaining mass popularity.


Imitation is an explicit and reliable indicator of superiority – who imitates whom.











More By  :  Nalinaksha Mutsuddi

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