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Are the Whites Superior to Others-3
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Furious waves were there thrashing our shores since time immemorial. We went to the beaches and got overawed by seeing the tumultuous waves surging toward the beach, Never dared

to think of riding the savage crest of waves. It was impossible, so we might have thought.


Someone of them thought of it differently. He/she dared to do the impossible. Surely, the first few attempts were abortive but the desire and the effort persisted till success was attained. It couldn't be the model we have today. It took many successive attempts to reach the current stage. In the future, still better models may evolve.


It is a popular sport today. Even girls (no bias alluded) are doing it. The main point, the spirit of adventure ran through successive batches. First, the itch to imagine the impossible second, the persistence of the passion.


Similarly, think of ice skating. Dancing on ice balancing on two blades on the smooth, slippery surface of the ice? Impossible. But they did it. Ice was there all along our high ridges. We couldn't think of it. The same story goes with skiing.


I'll call it 'itch factor' which propels them to be thrilled by doing something stunning and novel. Then reap the joy of achieving it. It was fun trying to do something new This 'itch factor' we lack terribly.




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