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Are the Whites Superior to Others - 4
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A few random samples may reveal the contrast in our basic traits. Watermills for grinding corns are in use along northern hilly regions since ancient times. No knowledge of the south. During this long period, no change occurred in its design, size, and purpose. The same type of mills is in use even today. The west had bigger, vertical, and horizontal wheels for milling, rolling, lifting water, sawing timber, etc. 


Gujjars are a nomadic tribe roaming about from higher to lower altitude and vice versa with the herd of cows and buffaloes. They usually have surplus milk. The only way they preserve it by converting it into ghee. Down the ages never tried to do it differently.

I’m talking about a lack of intention, which does not require any specialized knowledge.

The Swiss people devised ways to convert it into cheese and powder, which we never did. How many varieties of cheese are in the market now? It was not achieved in a day.

How we treated our deaf and dumb, and blind people? They are reaping the fruit of previous ‘karma’ and did nothing. The west found means to help them lead an almost normal and dignified life despite the handicap.

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