America Shamed

If covid 19 has stripped America’s incompetence in several quarters this recent clash in North America due to the brutal killing of an Afro African (I don’t know why people use the term black American is he not an Afro American?) by a white police.

And when I see clipping shown on the American media about the loot and arson happening on the streets of America it is shocking on the one side and the other side a little consoling. Yes you may call me a sadist- that even in this moment I am praising my country. Agreed. I am a bit selfish when it comes to my nation.

All along we were or rather I was under the impression that “hate” speeches are delivered only by “cheap” Indian politicians to the “gullible Indians” and the provoked Indians set the public property ablaze and the rif raffs make this opportunity by indulging in loot and arson.

But America? The great America?? Where people are “supposed “to be “highly civilized”?

America – Which is “supposed “to be the world’s “most matured democracy”?

And America people are so “well educated” where there are no symbols in ballot papers unlike my “illiterate India” where they “choose their favorite symbols” as they cannot read the name of the persons they want to elect.

What I saw on the TV was most distressing. I could see the white police officer kneeling down and pressing exactly the back of the Afro American’s neck and he did so continuously for a “few minutes” and it was heart wrenching to see the suppressed man who appeared to be stripped, crying and begging “I am not able to breathe…. I am not able to breathe” to the deaf white police officer. Reason he gave a fake bill in lieu of a packet of cigarettes. What great reason to be killed brutally?

And this scene was taking place in broad daylight near a parked car and the other police men three of them I think were watching as though they were watching a scene in a movie. Even in a movie such a scene would make me at least I don’t know about others close my eyes. Certainly no empathetic human being can see another man die before your eyes. And especially how can any body kill another man so brutally and the killer’s yes I would call hims a killer only , face showed not a sign of pain or grimace but looked as though he was enjoying every bit of what he was doing.

And the “educated and enlightened citizens of the richest and the most cultured and civilized world” were standing and were capturing that “great scene” in their video cameras may be saving “this historic moment” for posterity.

American is never tired of preaching others about humanity and human rights. Now the country has been stripped naked before the whole thanks to all the media that telecast it. Americans are totally shameless they commit the crime and then they accept it – they are honest people you see.

America has totally lost its credibility as a cultured and civilized nation and the riots that followed only reiterated this aspect and after this incident America has no business to talk about human rights violation in any part of the world. It is just like the kettle calling the tea pot and saying you are black.

More By  :  Girija Jinnaa

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