When Mommy had her first Mango Kulfi

When Mommy was a little kid - Stories I will tell my kids

When Mommy was a little kid, her favourite fruit was the national fruit of India, mango. But Mommy would not try to eat new things easily.

One day, Grandma made some tasty mango kulfi. She kept it in the freezer so we could eat it after lunch. After lunch time Grandpa took the kulfi out of the freezer. Great grandfather told me that “its really tasty, please try it.” Like always, I said no, I don't like it. Grandpa pleaded but I was not going to budge. I went to the refrigerator to eat my favourite chocolate.

The next day the same thing happened. My family tricked me. Actually, the trick was that they put chocolate on a bite of mango kulfi. The next day the trick happened. I said “mmm it looks yummy. Can I try?”

“Sure”, said Grandma.

I said “mmm it's really yummy.”

Great grandfather said “surprise! It's mango kulfi.”

I said “oh now I know it's mango kulfi. You all have tricked me. Ok can I have some more?”

Grandma said “yes of course you can have my child.”

I added mango kulfi to my list of favourite foods.

Moral: we should always try to taste new things

More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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Comments on this Blog

Comment Awesome work Anvi! You have very good writing skills beta. Keep it up. Great job!

Deepu Bhatia
09-Jun-2020 00:59 AM

Comment Amazingly penned down Aana. Want to read more and more such beautiful articles.

Paridhi Arora
08-Jun-2020 08:31 AM

Comment Very nicely written by a 6 year old kid.
Best wishes Aanvi. God bless you - Dada

08-Jun-2020 08:23 AM

Comment Very well written. Keep writing.

Saket Kapur
08-Jun-2020 06:46 AM

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